Festival of the Arts Contest - 20010


·        The General Rules should be reproduced for member and student contestants and given to school contacts.

·        Member contests are open to all per capita dues paying members of GFWC Pennsylvania.  Students must be sponsored by a per capita dues paying club of GFWC Pennsylvania.

·        A completed Member or Student Entry Form must accompany each entry and be submitted to the Chairman at each level.

·        Entries must not have been previously entered in a federated Festival Of The Arts contest.

·        Literature must be original and unpublished.

·        Authors and photographers must be amateur status -- earnings from writings may not exceed $500 annually.  Artists, crafters, and seamstresses must be amateur status -- earnings of less than 1/3 of the annual income from the medium.

·        Each contest entry will be judged by at least two judges, who are qualified in some aspect of the contest.  A copy of the rules shall be supplied to each judge at least one week prior to the contest.  Uncontested entries meeting all qualifications based on the rules will advance to the next level of competition.

·        Judges may judge at only one level of competition.  No clubwoman may judge at any level.

·        At each level disqualification is determined by the particular chairman based on the rules.  The chairman's decision is final.

·        Each entry must be completed in its entirety by the contestant, excluding photography, which may be professionally developed. 

  • If for any reason a First Place winner cannot advance to the next level of competition, notification to the chairman must be made immediately.  It is the sole responsibility of that level's chairman to make arrangements for the Second Place winner to attend.

·        The Art Department Chairman at each level of competition is responsible for assuring that a completed entry form is supplied to the next level chairman within three days following the competition.

·        A contestant may enter more than one category of competition, but may have only one entry per category.

·        Neither GFWC Pennsylvania nor its Chairmen are responsible for loss or damage of any kind to items submitted for competition at any level.

·        Entries will advance from club to country to district to state to national levels (depending on the category) and will be released only at the conclusion of the last event.

·        All GFWC Pennsylvania general rules are in compliance with those of GFWC.

·        It is suggested that the sponsoring club be responsible for the luncheon cost and travel arrangements at each level of competition for student entries.


All contests to be completed by the following dates:

    Club level -- January 4, 2010 

    County level -- March 20, 2010

    District level -- April 4, 2010

    Literature entries, one per club per category, 3 copies with entry form and judging sheet with name and title of work,  are sent directly from the club level to the State Chairman and must be postmarked by March 1, 2010

    A Year in Pictures (calendar contest)-one entry per club is sent directly from the Club Level to GFWC Headquarters by May 1, 2010.

    Contests at the State Level will be prejudged.  District Chairmen are responsible for delivering the first place winners of State sponsored contests to the corresponding State Chairmen within 5 (five) days of the District Festival of the Arts.

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