Club History

The Slatington Woman’s Club was founded in 1938 with 93 charter members.  The club joined the General Federation of Women’s Clubs in May of 1938. 

GFWC is one of the world’s largest and oldest women’s volunteer service organizations.  For more information, Click Here.

The General Federation of Women’s Clubs was founded in 1890 and promotes local volunteer service in more than 6000 clubs throughout the United States and the world.

 The object of our club is to develop the educational, civic and social interests of our members, to advance the welfare of the community, and to promote the progress and work of the State Federation of Pennsylvania Women.  Since 1938, our club has contributed over $50,000 and over 50,000 hours of volunteer work to various organizations in and out of our community.  Our club supports the arts, conservation of natural resources, skill improvement and education, involvement and interest in public and international affairs, as well as home life and women’s health issues.

  • Our club supports the arts financially and through involving members and our local schools in an arts contest where submissions are judged on the local, county, district, state and national levels.

  • We have programs on conservation and natural resources and contribute financially and through volunteering at local conservation sites.

  • We learn new skills through our programs and volunteering.


    We have programs concerning public and international affairs.

    One of our state recent projects was supporting the heifer project which sends live animals to help third world countries or less fortunate areas in our country.


    For the last two years we have been learning about and supporting Habitat for Humanity.

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    Recently we have learned about and supported organ donorship. For the next two years we will be focusing on giving aid to women and children in shelters through our Hugs & Kisses State president’s project.  For more Pennsylvania GFWC State information, 


 GFWC’s motto, “Unity in Diversity” was taken from a speech at the first GFWC conference . . .”We look for unity, but unity in diversity.  We hope that your will enrich us by your varied experiences . . .”  Those same goals of bringing interesting ideas, speakers, diverse experiences and friendship to our women’s club meetings, as well as unity to volunteer service to make our community a better place, are still what our own club is about.