Member Crafts


General Rules must be followed in addition to the rules for each category.


Christmas Wreath

·      Design and make with 75% artificial fruit and wreath of choice.  Other materials may be used for accents, but 75% must be artificial fruit.

·      Maximum size:  30” diameter x  8” depth.


Beaded Necklace

·      Design and make with 75 % any type of beads and other materials for accent.

·      Maximum size 26”  in length x 1” depth.


Pop-Up Mother’s Day Card

·      Design and make a pop-up card with a floral theme and envelope.

·        Maximum size 6” x 7” x 6”.


Applique’ Grocery Tote

·      Make and applique’ tote using natural fabric of your choice with a native plant theme.

·      Maximum size 26” high (including handles) x 14” wide x 8” depth.


Dotti’s Darlings

·      Design and make a 3D animal using native plants and their seedpods, etc.

·      On a 3x5 card, identify the plant material used.

·      Maximum size 10” x 10” x 10”.


Punch Needle Pin

·      Using a kit or your design, create a punch needle pin with an Easter theme.

·      May use embellishments.

·      Maximum size 5” high x 4” wide x 1” depth.


Crafts will be judged on the Club, County, District and State Levels.